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"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success" 


The staff of BioMat workshop is looking for partnerships for funded planning, including transnational ones. Write us for any proposals.

Our company wants to establish itself as an operational reality ofEuropean Green Deal.

The Green Deal is an integral part of the Commission strategy to implement the2030 Agendaand the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Here are some parts of the Commission Communication that we share, disseminate and support.

The European Green Deal is the answer to the many challenges of our day. This is a new growth strategy aimed at transforming the EU into a just and prosperous society with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy that will not generate net greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 and in economic growth will be dissociated from the use of resources.

It also aims to protect, conserve and improve the EU's natural capital and to protect citizens' health and well-being from environmental risks and their consequences. At the same time, this transition must be just and inclusive. It must put people first and pay particular attention to the regions, industries and workers who will have to face the biggest problems. As the transition will bring about substantial change, active citizen participation and confidence in the transition are essential for policies to work and be accepted. A new pact is needed that brings together citizens, with all their diversity, national, regional, local authorities, civil society and industry, in close cooperation with EU institutions and advisory bodies.

A sustainable product policy also has the potential to significantly reduce waste. Where the production of waste cannot be avoided, its economic value must be recovered, eliminating or minimizing its impact on the environment and climate change.

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