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"Matches are won with talent, but championships are won with teamwork and intelligence"

Michael Jordan

BioMat SRLS workshopis an innovative startup born inAssisiin January 2019, by 5 young people with heterogeneous experiences and professionalism . 

Skills and academic careers of the founding members range from Biological Sciences to Agro-industry, to Economics and European Planning.

The requirement ofinnovative startupit is maintained because its main activity is the research and development of new biomaterials and finished products of various kinds deriving from their use.

The biomaterials   that we intend to produce derive from transformation processes of the various biomasses that will lead to the constitution of a biological substitute for plastics resulting in high technological value due to its particular peculiarities, including the improvement of performance of use, intrinsic characteristics of the substitute goods produced and environmental sustainability.

Current and future research will focus on further industrialization plans and a new reusable bioplastic.


When the idea of Officina BioMat was still in the pipeline, in 2017, one of the founding members took part inRestartAPP, business incubation campus ofEdoardo Garrone Foundation, finishing second and winning a non-repayable start-up award for the development of the project.

For its policy and encouraging resultsBioMat workshopwas selected forEconomy of Francesco, an international event that intends to establish a network between virtuous companies.

This event was really wanted by Fr.apa Francescoand focuses on the drafting of a pact between thousands of young entrepreneurs and economists "for a different economy that knows how to welcome and defend life, which is at the service of man, inclusive and takes care of creation".


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